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Sturgeon Point Marina Elecric Bills

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2023 Town of Evans Assessments By Name
2023 Town of Evans Assessments By Street
2023 Town of Evans Assessments By SBL#
2023 Evans Assessments By Assessed Value
2023 Evans Assessments By Full Market Value
2022 Town of Evans Assessment Data

Property Sales

Property Sales As Printed In The [BN]. Verify Sales With Assessor Before Challenging Your Assessment.
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Evans Town Board Voting Record

How Are New Board Members Voting? With Party Bosses?
Suspended Rule Votes By Date
How Are New Board Members Voting? With Party Bosses?
Voting Record Report 2023
List of Resolutions With Nay Votes
New Hire Resolutions
Resolutions Not On Agends
Resolution Description
Shows With Totals Evans Resolution Residents Could & Could Ask Questions
How Board Members Voted

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Water Bills

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2019 - 2020 Assessment Data

View Town of Evans Assessments As Of 7-1-2019 To 6-30-2020
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View Lakefronts: Building Assessments <= $50,000
View Assessments By Last Name / First Name
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Adjusted County Taxes (Towns) Full Market Value = $150,000
Adjusted County Taxes (Towns) Full Market Value = $150,000 e Averages
Evans Couny / Town / School Tax Rates (Multiple Years)

Past Assessment Data

EX: Lakefront
This Is The 2008 Reassessment Data
Assessment Group
Town of Evans Assessments As Of 7-1-2018 To 6-30-2019
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2023 Evans Political Ads

Ads By Date / Candidate
List of Evans Candidates
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