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Evans Taxes Shrugged
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Updated Name Meeting Type Website Pix
Town Village Declaration Notes
2/10/2021 Alden Online? Website
AldenMeeting.jpg 222.51 KB
2/12/2021 Boston Online? Website
BostonMeeting.jpg 112.13 KB
2/12/2021 Collins Online? Website
CollinsMeeting.jpg 141.47 KB
Town Unconfirmed
2/12/2021 Depew Online? Website
DepewVillageMeeting.jpg 161.30 KB
2/13/2021 East Aurora Online? Website
EastAuroraMeeting.jpg 216.59 KB
2/13/2021 Elma Online? Website
ElmaMeeting.jpg 237.97 KB
Town Unconfirmed
2/12/2021 Orchard Park Online? Website
OrchardParkMeeting.jpg 171.66 KB
Town Unconfirmed