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Date Of Sale SBLNumber Sale Price Sale Price
Street Number Sale Type Assessment Full Value
Street Name Arms Length Sale Change In Dollars Full Value Change
Town Vacant Land? Change In Percent PrevYr Assessment Data Map Thumbnail Erie County Link
Neighborhood Property Type VS 2008 Assessment VS Current Assessment Note Tax Bill Link
7/5/2020 7974 220.09-5-18 $171,000 $171,000
Erie County
Lakeshore Road Arms Length Sale $130,000 $158,537
Evans Yes $41,000 $12,463 Tax Bills
Lake Shore Not Lake N 131.53846153846155 YES
7/5/2020 6708 192.20-4-22 $130,500 $130,500
Erie County
Schuyler Drive Arms Length Sale $90,000 $109,756
Evans Yes $40,500 $20,744 Tax Bills
Highland N 145 YES