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Caught Red Handed [17]

Date Date Convicted Funds Missing From Title Description Description Convicted Caught Caught By Amount Missing Charges Convicted Of Amount Recovered Jail Time Jail Term Link Convicted Link
4/23/2014 0/0/0000 Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty (Met Council) Comptroller DiNapoli and A.G. Schneiderman Announce Guilty Pleas by Former Met C More ...

Comptroller DiNapoli And A.G Schneiderman Announce Guilty Pleas By Former Met Co

More ...
William Rapfogel And David Cohen NYS OSC $9,000,000.00 Larceny in the First Degree (a class B felony), Money Laundering in the Second D More ... $3,650,000.00 Yes Up To 10 Years In Pr Link
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Date Type Title Link
Description Link To Caught Red Hand Links
7/22/2014 Sentenced Link
Comptroller DiNapoli and Attorney General Schneiderman Announce Sentencing of Fo More ... 17